Veep Choices

8:19 pm

John McCain should select J.C. Watts as his Vice-Presidential candidate.
Barack Obama should select retired general Wesley Clark as his Vice-Presidential candidate. Both moves would likely satisfy the “base” of each party.

Obama’s selection of Clark would give him the military & foreign-policy depth that he desperately needs. As a former Presidential candidate, Clark has been vetted about as thoroughly as possible. He also would represent maturity, something that Obama, at the tender age of 46, doesn’t quite project.

Watts is much more of a conservative than McCain and would reassure the right-wing that McCain “gets” it. He’s a former Congressman, a sports hero, and man of the cloth; how much more conservative could he be? And true, the fact that he is black might elicit enough interest among Obama supporters to at least give the Republican ticket a second look, if not draw some Dems away outright.

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